Entertainment Our Evening at The UniverSoul Circus August 31, 2012

UniverSoul Circus

I have to preface this by stating that I have never been to or experienced a circus of any kind. Let me say that I am so happy I got the chance to experience this one. 🙂

I was contacted by a PR representative for the circus offering blogger tickets to see the show. I emailed her back and she then called me with the information that I needed to attend and the typical information (what time to arrive, where to pick up he tickets, etc). I immediately contacted my husband and told the kids about the circus. They have never been to a circus before either.

We arrived at Southwest Center Mall and parked. I then got to will-call to pick the tickets up. The process was easy and we were able to walk in. Let me say that there is so much going on from the time you get your tickets to the time the show starts.

When we were seated the first thing we watched was the elephant rides. We did not ride because the kids were apprehensive, but right before the show was to begin, then they decided to do it but it was too late. Lol.

There was an explosive opening to get the show started. Gotta love Party Rock by LMFO! There were messages of faith and a strong message of happiness with songs from Kirk Franklin and Franky Beverly. There were so many opportunities for audience participation with the Soul Train line(for example),which was Hilarious!!

I don’t want to give too much away, but this is a MANDATORY MUST SEE!! I managed to get a few pictures, but I wanted to respect the “no photography” rule so I got a few shots of outside and the kids (of course) :-).

Would I go back?? A BIG YES!!!! I can’t wait until they return to the Dallas area :-).

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