Disney, Travel Characters in Flight – Downtown Disney July 3, 2015

My family and I experienced the Characters in Flight…. Operated by Aerophile in Downtown Disney was on the “try” list, and let me say that it was just as intimidating for me as I thought it would be. As a wife and mom of two daredevils, I figured that I would be outvoted and would have to go along for the ride (no matter what).

As soon as we disembarked from our cruise on the Disney Dream, we hopped in the car with our first stop being Downtown Disney for Characters in Flight. I used my two Groupons the customer service representative took my phone and redeemed both Groupons and we proceeded to our flight. My knees were shaking and my first question to the employee on the ground was “how long will this take”. He explained that it would be a total of about 10 minutes that included going up, having a look around, and coming back down. Sounds easy enough huh?

When we got on with the other riders, we were immediately lifted in the air (Why so fast? Hold on a second!). I held on for dear life while my son just walked with no issues looking at the surrounding area. My daughter and my husband were quiet while they enjoyed everything. What is wrong with them? SMH

As the balloon made it’s way back to earth, I did manage to get some photos because I did not want to forget this experience at all.  I think that the bigger question here is, would I do it again? Umm, probably NOT, but I am glad that I experienced it because there is nothing better than saying that you have “been there, done that” right? Would I recommend it for others? Absolutely!





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