Travel, Uncategorized I Found a Great Rate on Flights For This Summer! March 25, 2016

Oh My! I just have to share what happened.

I woke up about 4 AM (Saturday March 20) and had gone to check my phone for airfare prices as I have done for the past two months. I am notorious for checking the airline sites more than once per day when I am in vacation planning mode, because I know the prices will fluctuate (more or less). 
The flight I had been eyeing (an American Airlines flight) was leaving at 6:40 PM the day we were interested in leaving. The cost of that flight ranged from about $298 up to $410 per person. If you know me, I was going to try and avoid paying those prices (if I could help it). 
Back to the morning I scored my tickets. I woke up, checked my dates and noticed the flight was back down to $345 and my first thought was “this is probably the best I am going to get at this point”. At that point, I proceeded to hold the flight. I logged in and began inserting the required information, but the problem was that it only had space for 3 passengers. This is strange because when I usually log in, everyone in my family appears (4). When I got to the end, I noticed that there was no way add in the additional passenger, so I had to back out and start the search over again in hopes that the 4th passenger would appear. Well, you know what happened….that fare was no longer available (REALLY?). I then frantically began searching for another flight, and that fare was no longer available. OK, now I am getting rattled (I mean it was 4 o’clock in the morning). After a few moments, I decided to search the next day to see if one of the other times I had been eyeing was available. It was and GUESS WHAT? I saw a weird price that I knew just had to be a mistake. Yes, folks, the cost was $177 per person and it was for the exact time that I needed to make this whole thing work. A little background, I had eyed this particular flight in the past but there were hardly no seats available and the cost was about $485 per person (Hmm, no thank you!).  I logged back in and was able to hold the flight and choose our seats for that exact price with no issues. Wow, can you believe that??? After about 3 hours of being held, I talked to the husband who said to go for it, and I paid everything in full. The total cost was about $700 (way better than $1100 or $1400 or $1600).
What baffles me even more is that when I went back in to check about 30 minutes later the price for that exact flight and time had gone up from the $177 to $282 (which wasn’t all that bad) and when I went back in to check again later in the afternoon, the cost had risen to $345. The good thing is that I am officially done with early morning cell phone checks, and I can not relax a bit until it is time to plan the rest of our vacation.
I say all of this to say, keep diligently checking the flights that you are interested in and be willing to be flexible because you can and will find the perfect rate for you and your travel needs. 
Until Next Time!

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