Disney, Uncategorized The Reason Why We Love the Disney Vacation Club! April 15, 2016

A quick look back in time with DVC!  @DMochaTraveler

My family are super Disney fans and after many vacations to
Walt Disney World Resort, we made a decision that would change the way we
vacation for years to come.
We became DVC members about 5 years ago (Yay!). I must preface this by stating that we attended about 4 DVC
presentations LONG before we gave in. What I liked about the process aside from
the ice cream and snacks at the end, was that there was absolutely no pressure
and we never felt that we had to buy right then. What made us finally take the plunge
was when we were on the Disney Wonder, and I went to a presentation and WON
the on-board ship credit. Yes, that is correct, I WON!!! The only weird
thing is that I had one night left to spend it before I lost it. YIKES!! No
worries, all was well and I was able to get it all spent minus $.76 (something
like that). After that, we knew the time had come.
Fast forward a few months, I saw that they were offering
specials on some of the older DVC properties, so after some research, I
contacted our “very patient” specialist, who was so helpful. We did everything
over the phone and email and within a couple weeks, everything was done and at
a price that we were happy with. We went with a direct buy through DVC because
of the perks they offered in the form of doubling our points. One last act of
good faith on my specialist’s part was when I told her that we wanted to
experience Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas with a Savanna view, but they were sold out.
Never fear, she took care of it and we got just what we wanted for that
I cannot lie, it wasn’t a bed of roses (the first few days) because we did
suffer from some buyer’s remorse, and we wanted to cancel, but our specialist
said that we might feel that way. We hung in there and just like she said, we
were over it really quickly and were excited about our future vacations.
I love the Disney Vacation Club, because they understand
the type of buyers we were, and never pressured us to make a purchase we could
not afford. Every vacation since then has been great, and we could never
imagine vacationing to Walt Disney World Resort and not having access to the resorts
and discounts we have now.
Until Next Time!

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