DIY, Travel, Uncategorized Easy DIY Doggie Crate Pad For Our Upcoming Road Trip June 27, 2016


Wow, we are just days away from our Louisiana road trip adventure (with our dog).

As I have stated previously, my in-laws live in Louisiana, but my family and I really wanted to experience a few things that we have never experienced before, so we figured this was a great time to get it all in.
We are taking Numberly (our Boston Terrier) with us and that requires some planning all its own. Who knew that there were so many things that you needed other than food and water and the occasional potty breaks. But I have learned that she will need a place to rest and lay her head as well. I want her to be safe, so we opted for a travel crate. It needed to be small enough for the car, but big enough for her to have wiggle room. I consulted my friend (Tania with ) and asked her how was she transporting her fur baby. She gave me the details and then told me what my next course of action should be. She said to take Numberly to our local pet store and allow her to “try on” a few crates in her size to get an idea of what will work best. We took Numberly to two stores and finally figured out the type and size of the crate we would need. I ended up ordering online through Amazon, as the prices were a slightly more reasonable. 
Speaking of Numberly, I realized that with her new crate and cover she needed a bed (or padding), and after looking at the choices, I decided that I would construct one for her myself.

I wanted to share this easy DIY Doggie Crate Pad with you.  

Now Numberly can rest easy during our road trip and know that I wanted her to be just as comfy as we are. Now, if we can get her to not bite and rip it apart, we will be winners for sure!

From the looks of it, she seems pretty happy!

Until Next Time!

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