DIY, Sponsored alli® & a DIY Exercise Calendar August 30, 2016

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Wow, can I be honest? This is a scary post for me because it is hard to be vulnerable and recognize when it’s time to make a change in your life for the better. For too long, I would begin a weight loss journey and it would go well for a time, but then life got in the way. That’s not an excuse, but there are situations in everyone’s life that can make getting healthy hard (for some). The school year is starting and I am starting a new position, and I want to get in shape and get healthy. My children play sports, and I realize that during practices, I can take that time to do what I need to do for myself – be it walking or running a few laps (no excuses, right?). I can sometimes lack the motivation, and I have to remember to keep going no matter what. I am thankful that this opportunity has come about with alli® weight loss aid. It is giving me the motivation I needed to get back on track.


I am learning so much about alli® weight loss aid during this process and I will discuss that a bit later. So, in honor of my getting healthy, I decided that a DIY exercise schedule to hold myself accountable was in order.


Vinyl Cutter
Vinyl (any color)
Vinyl Transfer Paper
Magnetic Dry Erase Board
Washi Tape (any color or design)
Magnets (any kind)
Fun decorative encouraging words (optional)
Acrylic Paint (optional)
Paint Brush (optional)



1. Using the vinyl cutter software, type the words you want placed into your board.


2. Load vinyl paper into the cutter and print.


3. Using the scissors, cut the words into strips


4. Apply the transfer paper to the strips.


5. Next, temporarily arrange the words on the board to ensure that they are are placed correctly. Believe me when I say it helped. I may OR may not have gotten the days of the week mixed up. (Opps!). No worries, it was an easy fix.


6. Rub the stencil and peel the words onto the transfer paper.


7. Place the first word onto the board and peel off the transfer paper.


8. Using the ruler, roll the Washi tape in a straight line under the first set of words.


9. Place “Sunday” under the first line of the Washi tape.


10.  Repeat steps 6,7 and 8 until you have placed all of the days of the week.


11. Place the last piece of Washi tape vertically closer to the right side of the board.


12. *Optional* paint your inspirational words in your choice of colors.


13. *Optional* using liquid nails or any strong glue, squeeze a small amount into the back of your magnet and affix your inspirational words.


14. Decorate the rest of your board as you desire. My kids decided to write some encouraging words for me (So Sweet!)
Now, lets discuss the alli® weight loss aid. I have seen the product in stores, in the past, and I also know of others who have tried it. What I find interesting is that alli® weight loss aid is the only FDA approved over-the-counter weight loss aid on the market. It works by blocking 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed by your body *. Being an over-the-counter product is a convenient feature for those that have discussed their health with their doctors. I say convenient, because you do not have to wait at the pharmacy for your prescription, you can just pick it up and head home to begin your journey.


You are probably wondering who can use alli® weight loss aid. Adults over the age of 18 with a BMI>25 can use it (as long as they are not pregnant or breastfeeding), but remember that it should be used with a reduced-calorie and low fat diet*. Thankfully, my husband is an excellent cook (I just need to inform him of his new role – HA! – no seriously).


I have an appointment to consult with with my doctor before I get started. From what I have read, “Most people lose 5-10 pounds in a 6 month period” because for every 5lb-10lb you lose through diet and exercise, alli® weight loss aid can help me to lose 2-3 more*. Sounds like a great motivator to me. My plan is to stay within the calorie and fat targets and start physical activity.
Currently, you can find alli® weight loss aid in the 120ct refill pack at participating retail partners via the website. I made my purchase at my local Target while doing some other shopping.
While you are visiting the website, be sure to sign up for updates and receive a $10 coupon to help with your purchase. Also, you can find more details when you download the alli® Brand Startup Guide.


What are your motivators to staying healthy?


With that, I just have one thing to say… “I Can Do This!”.


Until Next Time!


* alli® (orlistat 60 mg capsules) is for weight loss in overweight adults, 18 years and older, when used along with a reduced-calorie and low-fat diet. Follow label directions. In studies, most people lost 5-10 pounds over 6 months.

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