Entertainment Kings of Atlantis on YouTube Red March 26, 2017


Did you know that YouTube will add four new kid-friendly Original series’ to YouTube Red? Yes!!! I too had no idea, but I know a certain young man who was excited to hear this news. I found out that there is a new trailer for a brand new animated series, Kings of Atlantis. The show features Cody and Joe from the Minecraft-inspired YouTube channel, TheAtlanticCraft. Beginning April 7, 2017, you can experience the 13 (family and kid friendly) episode series that will be available on YouTube as well as the YouTube Kids app for YouTube Red subscribers.

Check out the trailer below:

Kings of Atlantis
involves the story of two young monarchs of the vast underwater city of Atlantis, who wants to overthrow the brutal usurper of their kingdom, not only to reclaim is birthright, but also to protect their people from his cruel reign.  

Please Note: YouTube Red is a paid membership that gives viewers an enhanced, uninterrupted experience across YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids. Are you a member?

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