Travel 5 Mistakes (That Can Be) Made When Purchasing Airfare May 5, 2017

I know what you are thinking… it’s not the first time I’ve discussed my excitement or disappointment with the airfare purchase process. Well, this time is different. This time, I made the mistakes and will be paying the price (literally). We are preparing for our summer getaway and just like every year, we will fly to our destination. Usually, I have a better handle of things and can make the purchase with minimal issues, but this time is different. 

Let’s discuss the 5 mistakes one can make when needing to purchase airfare. 

  1. Not jumping on the first great rate you see. Guilty! A few months ago, I found the perfect airfare for the perfect price, when I looked at available seating, only middle seats were up for grabs (not too comfy with that). I actually held a flight then had a brilliant idea to cancel that flight because something was gonna pop up soon. Umm really smart on my part. Lesson Learned? Just get the airfare and worry about seating later. 
  2. Don’t stop looking for the right flight and price. After my brilliant idea in #1, I figured I would take a break from looking several times a day. While that opened up plenty of time to devote to other things, I missed some great rates… (At least I think I did). 
  3. Recruit family members to help with the search if need be. Sometimes they will have better luck than you will. Wasn’t the case his time, but still.  
  4. Don’t rely on just one travel site. There are so many sites out there, it can be easy to get comfortable with one you like. But I have learned to try multiple site and multiple airlines. At this point, it’s equal opportunity for everyone. 
  5.  When you search again and the price goes down a bit and your intellegent mind says, “wow,that’s still high”. Don’t wait, go for it! I had this happen… I watched tv and realize within minutes I should at least hold it at that current rate. Guess what??? JUMPED again!!  

After all I have learned, I finally pulled the plug and made our purchase. It wasn’t where I had hoped it would be, but it was in a range I could settle for. In the end, go with your first mind when it comes to airefare. You will be glad you did. 

Until Next Time!

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