DIY Operation Kitchen Remodel – Part 3! May 15, 2017

What can I say, this project took a bit to complete (well almost). However, I am happy to announce that we are in the home stretch and the BIG reveal is on the way. 

In the meantime, I wanted to share a quick update to show you where we are in the process. Since we last “talked” the countertops, new sink and facet were installed and the new appliances arrived before that. At that point, all that we had left was the wall and inclusion of some cosmetic items (knobs and drawer pulls, under cabinet lights and new electrical plates, etc.). 

Originally, we purchased subway tile to have installed. The subway tile will still be installed at a later date, but the contractor that was set to install didn’t show up (at all). I won’t mention his name or his business, but he knows who he is. Anyway, after a bit of thought, we came up with a temporary fix. Peel and stick wall tiles. Yes, I said peel and stick. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I know it was the best thing to do until we can get the right contractor to complete the installation. I ordered the peel and stick tile from Amazon. The “tile” was a budget-friendly choice and in addition we were able to purchase the lights (under the cabinet) and cabinet door knobs and cabinet pulls all within the small budget we set (Score!!). Take a look at how easy it is. Follow the steps and repeat. 

Here’s a quick preview of the wall! Notice the lights!

After browsing the Home Depot website, we found the Philips Hue Light Strip and Bridge and was so impressed with what we experienced that we had to have them. Did I tell you the lights are controlled via our smart devices and Amazon Alexa?! The cabinet door knobs and pulls were also purchased from Amazon and we paid about $20 for them (full disclosure… that was the cost after a $25 gift card). 

This has been a fun project and I can not wait to share the full reveal with you next time. All that is left is the installation of the cabinet knobs, cabinet drawer pulls and electrical outlet plates. 

Also, stay tuned, I will be sharing an innovative floor cleaner that will be used to help clean up for the reveal. Shark Duo Clean Ultra-Light #SharkKitchen

Until Next Time!

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