Disney, Entertainment The New Disney Digital Network Presents Youtube Red’s Hyperlinked May 31, 2017

News Flash!!

Hyperlinked is a new show available today, Wednesday, May 31, 2017, on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app for YouTube Red subscribers. The series is available on Disney’s YouTube channel which is part of the Disney Digital Network. Hyperlinked features the young ladies of L2M, a girl band of BFFs named McKenzie, Marangeli, Tati, Jenna and Lexi. For their fans, you may remember them from their debut single “Girlz”. “Girlz” was featured in the LEGO Friends original movie.

What is The Show About?

The 10-episode series follows a group of girls as they come together to create their own website that is by girls for girls while dealing with normal tween issues. The series is actually produced by Kids at Play and Miss O and Friends. Miss O and Friends is inspired by the true story of the Miss O and Friends website.

My Overall Thoughts?

I think that the messaging is brilliant and one that our young girls need to see and experience. It’s a positive message and what better way to learn about STEM, DIY etc. than with some great pop tunes and dancing to make it fun. I think that young girls will love this series and want to take some of those skills and apply it to the “real world”. Girls and STEM programs are successful because shows like this drive the importance of the subject home while making it relatable. One thing that I loved is that they use their own language to speak to each other and call each other ‘Soulsies” which mean that they are Soul Sisters AKA Best friends. How cute is that?

Don’t Subscribe to YouTube Red?

You can enjoy one episode for free, but the rest are available exclusively for YouTube Red subscribers. Because of this, I think that a YouTube Red subscription would be a great addition to your subscription services for the summer.

Take a Look at The Trailer:

Have you had a chance to experience the series yet? If so, please share your thoughts.

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