Lifestyle My Top 9 Back-to-School Must-Have School Supplies and A Bonus Supply for Mom! July 23, 2017

Full Disclosure: I dislike discussing this topic especially when my summer lazy days are numbered before I return to work, but I must preserver and share.

Back-to-School time is right around the corner and the time has arrived for school supply shopping. For many, the schools will provide a list, but have you seen some of those lists? Some of them are hilarious in nature (though I don't think they mean to be). For example, specific black cart wheel shorts to go under the uniform dress of young women (creepy much?) or actual toilet paper. Yes! I said toilet paper and not facial tissue. See? Hilarious!!

Each year, I purchase a lot of supplies from Target, Office Max, Staples, Walmart etc..(depending on the sale). Can I get a YAY, from the good people in that back?

Check out my top 9 must have choices for school supplies. Some of these made my list because our local school requested them.

  1. Plastic pocket folders, because regular paper folders with prongs and pockets just won't do. Funny thing is that the paper ones are cheaper, have prongs and do the exact same job as the plastic ones. The paper ones may not last as long but still….
  2. Cloth Binder Pouch. I'm guessing so it won't tear as easily. In my humble opinion, they all tear because of simple wear and tear, but I if it lasts a day longer than a plastic one, then so be it. 
  3. Dry Erase Markers. I know what you are thinking ….. will students actually use these? I can say that they will because most teachers have these handheld dry erase boards. Now, I am not sure why certain colors might be needed but maybe it's to draw a rainbow (who knows).
  4. Mechanical Pencils. Well because my daughter says she dislikes regular pencils. I assume it is because mechanical pencils don't have the same lead as regular pencils?  I adore teenage logic. LoL. Seriously, they are cool to have. I remember mechanical pencils back in the day and they were not that stylish until much later. I was grown by then (I am not telling my age, am I?)
  5. Gallon and Quart Storage Bags. To be honest, our school requested "Ziploc". So, because I don't "get it", I didn't get it. Got the Hefty ones on sale. Also, I have no idea what they are used for, but surely it makes sense to someone. 
  6. 3-Pack of Puff Tissue. I am all for facial  tissues. Kids seem to have more runny noses in school, don't they?
  7. Yellow Composition Notebook. Yes, I said a specific color and it has to be yellow. I'm sure it's for organizing, so I complied. 
  8. Case-It Dual Ring 4-inch Binder. This binder is a bit pricey, but it seems sturdy and looks like it will hold up nicely. It better! I guess the storage bags will go in there. Geeze!!
  9. Ultra by Artic Zone High Performance Lunch Pack with a 3-in-1 Bento Container from Costco. It wasn't on any school supply list, but $9.99 is a steal no matter what. Allow me to be honest … I have no idea what a Bento Container is or even how to pack stuff in it. I assume, that same turkey sandwich, chips, two cookies and water can still fit, right? I'm not very creative, but I might try to think of a creative lunch for the first few weeks like everyone else. Then we'll go back to our regularly scheduled program. 

Mom Needs A Back-To-School Supply:

Oh, you didn't know that moms have back-school needs too? Well, aren't you glad I said something? Aside from the obvious "back-to-school" supplies for mom (wine, new robe, new remote control, non-shareable ice cream), we also need accessories and one specific accessory is in my list: The Princess Tiana Dooney & Bourke Shopper Bag!

Photo courtesy of @disneyparksblog

If anyone wants to "gift" this tote bag to me, I would not mind at all (Just sayin'). Seriously, I'll be making the purchase as soon as it is available. I have to have it! For school of course!

At the end of the day, schools provide a list that includes all the supplies a teacher requests for their classrooms. Though I am making making light of the situation, I fully support teachers and what they need to make their classrooms function. It's a shame that it has to be that way, but it is what it is. Support your local schools and teachers if you can. 

Until Next Time!

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