Lifestyle Thank You Hasbro! Who Needs A Fidget Spinner When you Have A Transformer. July 3, 2017

I would like to take this time to thank Hasbro. 

I never discuss it, but my son (age 9) was diagnosed as ADHD when he was three years old and he is always on the move and is always doing a “project”. He actually makes these foil (what he calls) “robots” that transform. Don’t laugh, they actually look like robots. (*smile*)
He definitely has a creative mind that thinks outside the box and I love that about him. I believe that in the education world, he would be considered a STEM kid who not only knocked the state standardized test out the park in math, but he has a genuine interest in math, technology and science. 

A few month back, everyone was introduced to the “fidget spinner” craze and the way it was marketed, made me feel like this could be something great for my son to keep him focused and have something to do with his hands. I bought one and it was fine, but he lost interest in it rather quickly. Now, he has several Hasbro Transformers and I mean he LOVES them! He is always manipulating and transforming them back and forth from their robot state to their tranformed state. To be honest, I never paid attention to any of it because I just figured it was something that he loved. Fast forward a bit….

We decided to throw “Dude” a last-minute belated birthday party and invited a few family members and friends. He loved all of his gifts, but one in particular stood out the most. My brother had gone to Walmart to purchase a gift and came back with (you guessed it) the Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition. As soon as he saw it, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Of course, I’m thinking, he has plenty of those at home, but not Optimus Prime. He got in the car and just tore into it and didn’t make a sound of any kind. I looked back and he was playing with his Transformer. I said, “hey can’t you wait until we get home?”. At that point, he responded and said,”Please, can I play with it now?”. I agreed and every so often, I would look back and notice him studying the transformation instructions and transforming Optimus. Hey, he was quiet, so that worked for me. We got home and he put his things down and immediately sat in his favorite chair and continued transforming Optimus. 

After a bit, he finally finished and brought me the finished product. He was so excited and then paired Optimus with Dinobot Slash, and Berzerker.

It was then that it dawned on me, my child loves Transformers (not just because it’s one of his favorites) but because it keeps his hands busy. Mind blown after all this time. He has interest in other things but Transformers and making his foil men, keeps his hands busy and essentially keeps him focused.

So, on behalf of my son, who is a huge Transformers fan, THANK YOU Hasbro! Thank you for creating toys that allow kids (like my son) to enjoy transforming play in their own way. 

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