Lifestyle We Didn’t Do Nothing, I Tell Ya! Family Day at the Escape Room August 10, 2017

I am telling you, it’s a lot of work maintaining your innocence especially when you have gotten yourselves into trouble and people are after you. My family and I experienced it first hand when we got into a bit of hot water and some mean people were after us. We reached out to an “around-the-way” guy to help is, but we couldn’t find him or our money. What should we do? I don’t know, but we had 60 minutes to figure it out. Yikes!

We had the pleasure of participating in our very first escape room and we had a blast! When we arrived, we signed the waiver (because being locked in a room may not be a pleasant experience). After we signed the waiver “Buck” explained the basic premise of the rooms which is to have fun as a family without all of the cell phone and electronic distractions. I have to tell you, I can dig the concept because I don’t think we have enough activities that require us to put the technology away and just be in the moment with our family. 

While we waited, the kids played the gigantic Jenga. I refused to touch it because it was about to fall and I could see that chaos in my head. Can you see it too??

When it was time to enter, Buck’s assistant explained “The Heist” and what we should expect. She then lead us (and another couple) into the room, handed the other gentleman a walkie talkie and told us we had 60 minutes (with some occasional clues along the way). 

Once we began, my family seemed a bit lost, but the other couple kind of lead the way and gave us a bit more details as to what we should expect from escape rooms as a whole (they have no idea how much that helped). There were so many clues, my brain started to hurt, but my family and the couple persevered and did a great job. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did figure out two of the clues (and that is not bad, I think). 

I don’t want to give away the specifics of the room, but we were so close to figuring it all out  and “The Heist” made me see that more escape rooms were in our future. 

We experienced the escape room in Arlington, Texas at the Mystery & Intrigue Escape Rooms (Where Mystery Meets Reality). Thank you to Buck and his assistant!

Until Next Time!

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