Sponsored Mom, The Dude and Our New Reebok Classics! September 5, 2017

This is a sponsored post was written by me on behalf of Reebok Classics. The opinions and text are all mine.

I am not “claiming” to be THAT old, but I actually remember when the Reebok Classic Leather was introduced in the 80’s! The look of the white shoes were clean and stylish and had that perfect rectangle box on the side of the shoe that read Reebok. That rectangle was almost as iconic and recognizable than the shoe itself, in my opinion.

Fast forward to today… I am a wife and mom of two children (ages 15 & 9) who have no idea what they have missed all of these years. They both looked at the shoes and said, “Mom, those are not old, I have friends with shoes like that”. Oh dear children, if you only knew, if you only knew. My son (age 9) and I received our shoes in the mail, and the first thing he did was tear into his box. He looked at them as if lights shined from it and a choir sang (it was hilarious!).  It was the morning of the second day of school and he said, “I am putting them on now”. I told him to wait until the next day, but NOOOO he said he had to have them on right then. His shoes are white with blue on one side and red on the other (now that is a jazzy sneaker). Needless to say, he has been wearing them every day so far and I think that it is safe to say that he has a favorite pair of shoes. Anthony (I call him Dude) is absolutely wonderful, thoughtful, energetic and loving.  He is teaching me the meaning of unique and being yourself. I am a lucky mom to an amazing young man! When I opened my box and all of the memories I had of the shoe came rushing back. It is so funny how things that were so popular years earlier, have come back in style like it never left. The Reebok Classic can be worn with just about anything from jeans, to leggings, shorts and even the occasional escape from heels (the ladies know what I’m talking about). I love how comfortable and soft they are because as I get older, that is an attribute I can appreciate.  In addition, because they are leather, I think that they will last a bit longer and that is important to me as a mom

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself. Visit Reebok.com http://bit.ly/2eIcBGl for more information. Also, because I know we all appreciate a good deal, I have an EXCLUSIVE offer for you: You can get FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING with the promo code: CLASSICFAST. Now go, and take a look! 

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