Lifestyle, Sponsored Why I Love Washing The Wheels On My Car! September 29, 2017

Washing the wheels of my car is one of my favor…. Wait! I am not telling the truth. It is not my favorite activity, matter of fact, I tend to forget that I HAVE to wash the car, as whole, at least every now and then. Do not get me wrong, I love it when my cars have that wonderful “just cleaned” feeling but I tend to run out of time in the day (most days). 

If you remember, I am a Mean Green Ambassador and I have been having a ball using the products. Not only can I use it inside for clean ups, but they have products that can be used outside as well. I’ve used it to clean the garage, patio area, and even some outdoor items. I figured it might do a good job cleaning the wheels of my cars, so I tried it there too. 

For this clean up, I used Mean Green Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser and it does a great job. It’s heavy duty, but gentle enough to tackle the grease and dirt that is found on our tires. Just spray directly on to the the surface you want clean, wipe and then rinse. Easy!For the moment, our wheels are clean and ready for the road. Don’t you just love a cleaner that can do multiple jobs? 

Check out the Mean Green website for more information about this and other products they offer. 

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*Product and compensation was provided, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.*. 

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