Disney, DIY, Travel How I Created Simple Disneybounding Costumes on A Budget for our Disneyland Halloween Party Adventure! October 12, 2017

We just returned from a fantastic weekend filled with so much family fun at Disneyland and lots of California exploring! Because we were attending the Disneyland Halloween Party, we knew it was imperative that we be as festive as we could be (within reason of course). See, our kids are 9 and 15 and while they are indeed still kids, they didn’t want to be fully dressed in costume. Not that anything is wrong with full costumes, but we were on a budget so it worked out for us. 

Who/What Will They Be?
The first thing we had to figure out was who or what would they be? After a bit of internet surfing, we found the Disney Hipster themes. Here’s how we did it!!

Those Glasses Are Hip!The glasses were simple to create. We found some old 3D glasses, popped the lenses out and spray painted the glasses the desired color with Rust-Oleum for Plastic. Really simple and cheap. Cute huh?

How’d The Princess Get So Hip?

We were familiar with Hipster Mickey, but we said, why not hipster theme Princess Tiana. There were many directions we could go as it related to Princess Tiana, so we chose to incorporate elements of Princess Tiana’s blue ball gown. The pearls around her neck was found on the pearl themed jeggings we got from Express Clothing. Add a cute princessy blouse with bows (Tiana’s blue ball gown had a bowed sash), the funky blue glasses, a crocheted slouchy beanie and some simple Converse sneakers. All themed out!  

The Dude Is Hipster Cool?

For my son, he wanted to represent Hipster Mickey. I looked online to see that Hipster Mickey is represented in many ways, so we took some of the elements we found and added a twist. We knew that Mickey Mouse sometimes wears red pants, so we found some red skinny Levi’s jeans at JC Penny’s. He wore a yellow tshirt to represent the yellow Mickey sometimes wears. We added some red headphones from Five Below, a slouchy crocheted beanie, the too hip yellow glasses and Adidas tennis shoes. He’s All Hip Now! **By the way, the black hoodie was worn because he likes to wear it… it kinda matched). At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you create your look. Do what makes you happy and go from there.  

One thing for sure…… If you plan to enjoy Disneyland’s Halloween Party or attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World, you will create so many unique memories, it won’t matter what you wear. All that matters is your candy stash!

Happy Halloween!!

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