Lifestyle, Sponsored My Daughter’s Head Should Be Protected During a Soccer Game! November 5, 2017

My teen daughter has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old, and she has loved every minute of it. All to often, you hear the statistics about concussions and what can be done should an athlete experiences one. It’s a scary reality, but protection is key. Soccer is one of those sports that you can’t find much information about gear that protects the head. When I speak with other soccer moms, they agree that something must be done to protect them during a game. That is where the Unequal Halo 3 comes in. 

Here’s abit of information about Unequal Halo 3:

Unequal is a sports protection technology company based in Philadelphia. They make a full line of patented gear for a wide range of sports and our agency has been tasked with helping them get the word out on their line of soccer protection–the Halo headgear, specifically designed to reduce the risk of concussions. 

Unequal’s Halo 3 headband, provided us with a headband to try out and I have to admit I love the concept. We test drove it the entire recreation season and after the first time, she she hasn’t played a game without it. One word of caution, it is a bit difficult to put on, at first, but it actually conforms to the shape of the head once it was in place. It is actually worn a bit further onto the forehead, so it doesn’t feel like it’s pulling on the hair. It has a silicone center so it feels soft to the touch. Thankfully, she didn’t experience any head injuries, however, she did get in a head shot or two during a few games. Overall, we are so excited about the Unequal Halo 3 and can’t wait for the high school soccer season to begin. 

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