Lifestyle, Sponsored My Teenager and Her Nectar Mattress November 11, 2017

Have you heard of Nectar Sleep Mattresses? Have you had the opportunity to try one for yourself? If not, you are certainly missing out on some great comfort. Nectar Sleep Mattress is a memory foam bed that allows you to sleep in comfort at a price you can afford.

Nectar Sleep Mattress provided us with a full size mattress so that we could give them a try. I figured it was the right time to give my 15 year old daughter an upgrade. She has slept in a twin bed since the beginning and had been begging us for months to make the change. Well that time has come.

Our Nectar Sleep Mattress arrived via FedEx, and was at our front door when we arrived home. We brought the mattress inside the house, but had to wait a day or two for the new full size bed frame with slats to arrive. Apparently, teenagers do not sleep on beds with box springs, go figure.  (Teenage logic).

We got the bed up the stairs and proceeded to unbox it. You will be happy to know that it comes completely covered with more than one layer of protection so your mattress will be ready to use without dirt or stains. Taking the mattress from its case and placing it into position on the bed was the easiest process ever! Here are the steps:

  1. Place the rolled mattress on the bed.
  2. Unroll the mattress into place with minimal effort, and cut away the plastic covering.
  3. Slightly adjust as needed and allow it to plump up (which didn’t take long).

Check out how easy it was! Easy Breezy!

It has been a few weeks, and my daughter loves her new mattress! Check out her testimonial!

The Nectar Mattress is a very cool and comfortable bed. It especially helps when I come in late from soccer practice. We do a lot of drills and practice to prepare for our games each week, and it is a tiring process. So when I lay down to sleep, I dream better and feel relaxed.

I have actually tried the bed and it wasn’t as soft as I thought it would be, it was just right. It actually held up nicely and that is a plus in my book.

Two things I forgot to mention: 1. The mattress came with two pillows and I may or may not have taken one for my own pleasure. She has one left, that is enough right? 2. You will notice a slight odor when you get all of the plastic off of the mattress. Do not worry, the smell disappeared within 3-4 hours.

Each Nectar Sleep Mattress arrives backed by Full Comfort Guarantee and Forever Warranty. For more information about Nectar Matresses and getting a good nights sleep, be sure to visit

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nectar Sleep Mattress. The honest opinions and text are all mine.

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