Sponsored, Travel Pre-Thanksgiving Getaway to New Orleans, LA! December 5, 2017

Each school break comes the pain-staking decision about what to do during said break. I wanted to get away but did not want to venture too far away from home and out of my planned budget. I am one tired mom, and needed a break from the everyday norms (work, lunches, dinners, etc.).

Where to James?

My husband’s family lives in Baton Rouge, LA, so the decision was clear. After a bit more thought, a day trip to the Crescent City was in order, while we were in the area. The drive is about 8 hours each way, which means we can arrive to our destination with time to spare. We figured three nights away was doable and would allow us to do everything on our list and be back home before Thanksgiving. As you know, Mondays come quickly each week.

How Did You Get There?

No road trip is complete without the perfect road-trip vehicle. Toyota USA was gracious enough to provide us with a dapper electric blue Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SE, talk about style.

Full disclosure, I have always “Thought of” the RAV4 as a smaller vehicle with barely enough room for two let alone four individuals. I am SO happy to be wrong. The RAV4 was wonderfully spacious and provided enough room for my family of four and our luggage and gear.

I will talk more about this ride a bit later.

Where Did You Stay Again?

The decision where to stay was easy… easy as staying in the same hotel we stayed in during a previous visit to the area. We stayed at Hotel Indigo in Downtown Baton Rouge. Thankfully, we took a chance and used Hotwire and got the hotel we wanted. A little hint that might help those wondering… take advantage of the Hot Rate Hotel specials prices. If you click them, it will sometimes give you the message to Book soon, because the last customer got “ABC” Hotel. Not only was the price great, but we paid less than the price offered by the hotel. We really appreciated our stay and there are no complaints.

You Arrived, Now What?

This trip, we wanted to play the part of tourists for this day trip to New Orleans, LA and decided to participate in a guided tour. Southern Style Tours was an educational and amazing experience. We learned so much and got to see more than we thought we would. During this tour, we saw beautiful landmarks such as the French Quarter, beautiful mansions including those of some famous individuals in the Garden District. In addition, we traveled through the Ninth Ward, a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina and I was impressed with the progress the community has made. We also got the chance to experience the above ground tombs in a local cemetery. I do not usually partake in such activities, but I was curious because the tombs are beautiful to say the least.

I know what you are thinking, they spent lots of money. Nope, we used a Groupon for the tour, because well…. I like to save money where I can. Check out a few of the photos our our tour:

After the tour was complete, we got into our Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SE and continued on our own tour and made our way back to the New Orleans Museum Of Art. My daughter had a homework assignment that required her to visit a museum, so….. when in Rome! It was a wonderful day, and we were so happy we got to experience it.

The next day, we began our day with some breakfast and after grabbing some coffee from PJ’s of New Orleans, we conducted our own sightseeing tour of Baton Rouge, LA. Check out some of the sights!

Tell Us More About the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SE!

I have already shared my thoughts about the space, but I wanted to touch on some of other features that came in handy during our adventure. It was our first time in a Hybrid vehicle and this entire car had features that surprised us.

The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid SE has a starting price of $32,185, and features Toyota Safety Sense P(TSS-P) and Sport-tuned suspension. This car had a sunroof and to be honest, I do not think this vehicle would work without one. Our days away had perfect weather, so the sunroof was needed and necessary.

This enjoyable car had the Bird’s Eye View Camera — Perimeter Scan, overhead 360-degree view in Drive and Reverse, and curb view. Now how have I gotten along without this feature before now? As soon as I backed up, my kids would not take their eyes off it. You can see not only from the top of the vehicle, but you can see some of the surroundings, as well.

After approximately two hours, this message appeared! Thankfully, we were almost to our destination. It’s good to have a reminder. No, I didn’t take this while driving, the hubs took the picture for me. 🙂

The Smart Key System on the front doors and liftgate with Push Button Start came in handy. I loved the Keyless Entry because I could just drop the keys in my purse and keep it moving. I hate rummaging through my bag to find the key I just put in there. Don’t you just hate that?

The Entune Audio Plus with Connected Navigation App was included and you know I had to connect my own device just so that I would be able to utilize the Bluetooth feature.

Space in the back seat was ample and gave the kids plenty of room to watch movies, take a nap or just simply enjoy the ride.

It Is All About Family At The End of the Day!

I have said it before and I will say it again, spending time together is a blessing and what is so wonderful is that you do not have to have large amounts of cash or crazy months if planning to get you where you need to go. It is about the journey, right? Traveling with my crew is an honor, and I look forward to many more adventures.

A special thank you to Toyota and DriveShop for allowing us to dote on and appreciate this beautiful car! #LetsGoPlaces

I will now leave you with a few shots of our journey home!

Until Next Time!

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