Lifestyle, Sponsored Reasons to Include Video Gaming into Your Family Activity Plans! December 1, 2017

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My family and I love our family time, and one activity that we enjoy on occasion are video games. While we do not have the latest gaming systems, we do own an Xbox360, a Wii and in addition, we play games on our computer. I know what you are thinking… Video games? Really? Yes, video games! Video games allow us to not only have fun, but it helps us to keep that competitive streak going.

Here are a few reasons to consider video gaming in your family activity plans.

We STILL Together

Any excuse to spend time together can almost guarantee that you will continue to spend time together. It is a great way to have fun indoors, and you can even take that time to communicate and ask questions of each other about the game you are playing.

Aren’t Video Games Are Bad For You?

No, not all video games are bad. So many video games allow you to learn while having fun. In addition, many games are age appropriate for younger children and provide many chances to practice their coordination. It is also good for things like memory, multitasking and social skills. Those are great reasons to incorporate them into your family activity schedule, I think.  At the end of the day, fun is what it is all about, but getting something else out of it is a plus.

Everyone Gets a Choice

There is an abundance of available games out there, so it would only be fair for everyone in the family to be able to get a turn to choose what game they want to play. Every individual within the family will have a difference of opinion when it comes to the games to be played (depending on their ages), but everyone deserves a choice and deserve to be supported by the rest of the family.

Speaking of choices, we have been experiencing this new game, Super Lucky’s Tale.

This game is super cute and so much fun for the entire family! Super Lucky’s Tale is available on Xbox and Windows 10 PCs and retails for $29.99. In addition, it is rated E for everyone which means it is a game appropriate for just about every person in your household. That is a plus for me as a mom. Admit it; you want more information about this amusing and enjoyable video game, right? You can find more information here: Do not forget, it is the holiday season, and I think that this video game is a great gift to consider when you are making your Christmas lists and checking them twice.

Now go and enjoy your family!

Until Next Time!

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