Lifestyle My Teenager is Driving! Uh-Oh February 9, 2018

A few months after getting her “learner’s permit”, and a day or two of practice, Christmas Day was the day. Look out world, she’s on the road!

It was about 6:00 AM and I told Miss Thing to get up to drive me around to run my errands. This was a great time to get in some practice. I got downstairs and handed her the keys and we were off. I will be honest, I was nervous because I had to rely on her to get me where I needed to go (yikes!). Surprisingly, she did a great job and we even traveled to my mothers home which is not around the corner. Now, we didn’t take the freeway, but took the back roads. After all it was raining.

Fast forward to Christmas Day. My husband and son were in the car and after we made a stop, my husband announced, “Monster (his nickname for her), get on the freeway”. I was in complete shock and I think I stopped breathing for a second, while my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I then turned to him (he was in the back seat) and said, “are you crazy?” He calmly said, “no, it’s time, now get on the highway”. I couldn’t show my fear, so I “white-knuckled” it until we arrived at our destination. We made it safe and sound and my baby did a great job. I guess it WAS time.

I am sure every parent that has raised a teen can understand what I am about to say. Having her drive made me realize that she is just growing up way to fast for me. However, I am still really nervous to be in a car with this baby and I love her dearly. All I can think of are those 7 words I am dreading to hear. “Can I drive to the store alone?” Umm. I will need a minute for that one.

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