Uncategorized A past Trip Report of mine from the DisBoards January 29, 2012

A strange post I know, but I wanted to share the link to one of my past Disney Trip Reports. 2008 Christmas Trip Report – Disboards

Uncategorized Wordless Wednesday January 25, 2012

Future site of the Disney Magic Cruise Ship. Galveston, Texas. Maybe we can go?? We will see.

Uncategorized My Disney Bucket List January 22, 2012

What a week! My weight-loss is going ok, and the biggest thing is to see if I can keep it up :o) LOL. Enough of that.. Now on to why I write today :o). I am writing about my Disney Bucket List. This is the topic of the week from the BlogHop – BabesinDisneylandBlog When I saw...

Uncategorized Wordless Wednesday January 18, 2012

Disney Disney YES, Walking Mickeys & Picture Taking … My Different Experiences January 15, 2012

I need to preface this with the fact that I am providing this review of the programs, on my own, without any solicitation from anyone.  Now that is out of the way… :o) We travel to Disney so much, that I am always looking for different experiences each time that we go. I am going...