Uncategorized Wordless Wednesday January 18, 2012

Disney Disney YES, Walking Mickeys & Picture Taking … My Different Experiences January 15, 2012

I need to preface this with the fact that I am providing this review of the programs, on my own, without any solicitation from anyone.  Now that is out of the way… :o) We travel to Disney so much, that I am always looking for different experiences each time that we go. I am going...

Uncategorized Wordless Wednesday January 11, 2012

Uncategorized Precocious Puberty and My Week January 7, 2012

After two weeks of being off and being a bum, it was time to return to work. Actually I am happy I got to go back because it gave me the chance to put in some exercise three times this week, start weight watchers, and other things. My twin had some news that I admit...

Uncategorized Wordless Wednesday!! January 4, 2012

Huntington Beach, CA (October 2011) 🙂