Disney Disney YES, Walking Mickeys & Picture Taking … My Different Experiences January 15, 2012

I need to preface this with the fact that I am providing this review of the programs, on my own, without any solicitation from anyone.  Now that is out of the way… :o)

We travel to Disney so much, that I am always looking for different experiences each time that we go. I am going to discuss 3 of those activities. Other activities will be is discussed in the coming days, months, years :o).

One of the things I came across was the Individual Enrollment for Disney YES (Disney Youth Education Series) program. I  previously believed that it was strictly for Home-Schooled students and their parents. I do not home-school, so I knew that could not include me or my family. Of course, as I read through the thread, I found out that this really IS something that we could do.

I know what you are thinking. School? In the summer?? I personally thought that it was a great way for Kelsey (8 at the time), to get in some extra science training and possibly find a love for it, that I did not possess when I was in school. I have to admit, it was one of the best decisions we made!

After contacting the helpful representative, the online registration process was easy.  I was able to register Kelsey and her dad.  Dudie and I had to find something else to do because, he was too young to participate. We went to Disney Hollywood Studios, because that was where Jake and the Neverland Pirates lived   :o).

The class lasted about 3 hours and according to Kelsey they did so many fun things that involved science. The class she took was Synergy in Science. The class allowed them to rotate through three different highlights of synergy at EPCOT. They had experience with TinkerToys, saw Caption EO, discovered how 3D images are created, and experienced Journey into Imagination with Figment. Kelsey said that she learned so much, which is a major plus and helped me to realize that programs such as this are worth it.

There are some “perks” to participation.. reduced ticket prices, but I would have paid regular price for all that she experienced (a pic of the back of the ticket– to the right). For this years trip, the plan is to participate in another class (Everyday Chemistry). Kelsey and her dad are even more excited after they read what all it entails. As an educator, I love that they align what they teach based on national standards, so you can ensure that what your child learns, would be something that they will cover in school. Of course, it will be up to me (again) to find an activity for the Dude and I to do.. maybe hang out at Downtown Disney, or resort hop. Either way, we will have a good time.  Disney Youth – Individual Enrollment

After reading the Disney Parks Blog in April 2011, I read that the DisneyFlorist would begin to provide the “Air-Walking Mickey’s in the House” balloon for $29. I called my husband, at work, to tell him and he said to go for it. We wanted it to be a surprise for the kids.  I have to tell you this was a FANTASTIC idea, and the kids were beside themselves when they saw him on the bed. Another really cool investment I would not change. They delivered when they said they would and did not disappoint. Hopefully they will have other characters available in the future.
DisneyFlorist – Mickey’s in the House Balloon

Last but not least, Disney’s Photography services. This is something different that we did July 2010. Again, something else that I found on the DisBoards. I contacted them and the cost was about $70 (with the DVC discount). You are able to choose a location, so we chose The Polynesian. We arrived at the Polynesian about 8:00 AM, and met the photographer. She took pictures in different locations on the property, and our favorites of the pictures were on the beach. The entire process lasted about 70-90 minutes, at the most. Even when Dudie ran into the lagoon (You know, the one with the sign that says “no swimming”?), the photographer kept snapping pictures of him coming out of the water. LOL. I love pictures that contain the unexpected, such as that.  We were staying at Kidani Village, so we were able to pick our pictures up from Jambo House. There was a slight glitch with printing the pictures at the Polynesian, so we had to wait to receive them. No worries, because in true Disney, Pixie Dusted fashion, we were given some extra dust along with what was already included in the price. They did not have to do that, but because of the inconvenience, they made it alright.  Another activity that is probably on the list for this year. Here are some of the pictures from that photo shoot:

If you get the opportunity, please check out any of the the programs, they are so worth it, and I am so happy to have found them as options.


  • Mrs. G posted on January 16, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    I had never heard of these programs. Will definitely keep them in mind for the future. Thanks for posting!

  • Raquel Cummings posted on January 16, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    You are welcomed Mrs. G :). Yes keep them in mind, they are worth it.

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